Music from TAYLOR CAMP

Written by Douglas Ingle
Performed by Michael Sena & Tip Peterson

“Beautiful Kaua’i"
Written by Kui Lee
Performed by Nathan Aweau

“Get Together"
Written by Chester Powers
Performed by The Youngbloods

“Teach Your Children"
Written by Graham Nash
Performed by Joseph Israel

“You Are So Beautiful"
Written by Billy Preston & Bruce Fisher
Performed by Bonnie Tyler

“Free It Up"
Ronnie Saya
Jungle Boogie 2000 Pizza Party

“Taylor Rag"
Written & Performed by Michael Ruff

“Real Old Style"
Written by Keola Beamer
Performed by Keola Beamer

“Ke Alaula"
Written by Louis R. Kauakahi and William K. Panui
Performed by the Makaha Sons

“Speak to Me"
Written by Nick Mason
Performed by Cairo

“Breathe (In the Air)"
Written by David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Rick Wright
Performed by Cairo

Written by Mike Pinder
Performed by The Moody Blues

“Who Knows Where the Time Goes?"
Written by Sandy Denny
Performed by Pamela Polland & John McFee

“Back to the Island"
Written by Leon Russell
Performed by Leon Russell